Markforged Introduces FX10 the most versatile Industrial 3D Printer

Published on : 15 November, 2023

At Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany (held from November 7-10), Markforged unveiled two new products. One is Vega, a carbon-fiber-filled PEKK material specifically crafted for aerospace part manufacturing on the FX20 platform. Additionally, Markforged introduced the FX10, a new printer to their lineup.

Let's learn about FX10 and how its premium capabilities can drive value for manufacturers of all sizes.

What is FX10?

The FX10 industrial 3D printer, an extension of Markforged's carbon fiber systems, aims to enhance production line efficiency and profitability by reducing costs and lead times for on-demand manufacturing.

Designed for adaptability and automation, the FX10 is compact, weighing less than a fifth of the FX20, with two printhead-mounted optical sensors and a new vision module for quality control. As Markforged's 5th generation Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) machine, it excels in print quality within a heated chamber, offering print rates and sizes double those of previous industrial series printers.

Notably, the FX10 features independently sealed storage bays for up to four 800cc material spools, enabling automatic spool changeovers during a print. Users can refill empty spool bays without disrupting ongoing print jobs, making it a versatile and user-friendly addition to Markforged's lineup.

More Automation, More Parts — What Sets the FX10 Apart

    The FX10 boasts a construction envelope of 375mm x 300mm x 300mm, approximately twice the volume of the X7. This expanded print area facilitates the inclusion of more components in a single build or the production of larger parts, reducing the need for part distribution across multiple builds.
    To enhance printing speed, Markforged has integrated a heated build chamber and automated material switching into the FX10. The chamber can reach temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius, enabling the FX10 to print at rates twice as fast as the X7 Turbo Print mode. The heated chamber stabilizes the Onyx material during high-speed printing, enabling users to receive parts more rapidly and reduce turnaround times.
    Another significant feature of the FX10 is its four storage compartments for the primary plastic material, each capable of holding 800cc spools. These humidity-controlled material bays feature automated material changeover, eliminating the need for human intervention when a spool runs out mid-print. This design enhances operational efficiency and minimizes downtime, contributing to a seamless 3D printing experience.

Markforged is a leading provider of 3D printing solutions that continue to evolve and transform industries while creating new possibilities. Whether your goal is to reduce manufacturing costs, accelerate production, or create complex and stable components, Markforged 3D printers are the ultimate solution.

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