Smooth TPU 95A

Smooth TPU 95A

Smooth TPU 95A is a rubber-like material that when used with Markforged composite printers offers product developers and manufacturers the ability to create flexible, impact-absorbent parts on demand.

Manufacturers have historically struggled to produce flexible parts in low volumes. Conventional methods to make custom geometries in these materials generally require one-off tooling, driving high start-up costs and long lead times. Few, if any, 3D printing systems can produce viable parts with the consistency and mechanical properties required for production.


  • Seals and gaskets
  • Shock absorbers
  • Protective coverings
  • Straps, bands, and drive belts
  • Non-marring work holding and grips
  • Wheels and treads
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Markforged Smooth TPU 95A now offers manufacturers the ability to make high quality, flexible parts - on demand. Manufacturers can now make anything from prototype consumer products all the way to production parts on an easy-to-use and reliable platform.

1. Bringing high quality to low-volume flexible parts.

2. Stunning geometric fidelity and surface finish.

3. Finally, an easy and economical way to print functional flexible parts.

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