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Introducing Simulation from Markforged

Markforged Simulation is an add-on to Eiger™ 3D printing software solution that will take the guesswork out of 3D printing. Validate your part's strength and stiffness and automatically optimize print parameters to help lower cost and speed production before hitting print.

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high strength printer

Validate Part Performance

Virtually test with confidence to ensure your part will perform as required.

range of materials

Reduce the Cost of 3D Printed Parts

Avoid overbuilding parts by only using the amounts of Onyx and continuous fiber reinforcement needed to achieve the required performance.

easy to use

Accelerate Design Cycle Times

Reduce the number of design-print-test-iterate cycles before getting the part that you need.

How can I use Simulation?

Simulation is available immediately as a free trial to anyone with a Markforged Eiger account. If you don’t yet have an Eiger account, sign up to access Simulation for free.

Simulation is currently available as a free trial until April 2023, and will then shift to a paid subscription service.

To register for your free trial, go to

3D printing for industrial applications with new Simulation software

Incorporating 3D printing into tooling and end-use applications requires confidence in part strength. Unlike traditional software tools that need specialized expertise and time-consuming analysis, Simulation is designed for additive manufacturing and works within the familiar Eiger™ software slice and print workflow. Any user can validate part strength and stiffness through virtual testing by identifying anchor and load surfaces and then entering values for loads, factors of safety, and maximum deflection. They can then optimize parts by automatically determining print settings for floors, walls, infill, and fiber reinforcement to achieve print cost and speed goals while maintaining adequate strength.

Simulation can help our customers adopt The Digital Forge deeper into their manufacturing operations by replacing more mission-critical tooling and end-use metal parts with validated and optimized 3D-printed advanced composite parts with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement. By replacing slow and costly design/print/break testing cycles with virtual testing, Simulation can enable manufacturers to expand their use of additive manufacturing into the most demanding production applications.

Markforged introduced industrial series of machines that are ideal for robotics, automotive parts, prototype models and prosthetics. Built with quality, accuracy and reliability in mind the X series machines use the highest quality components. They are manufactured to close tolerances and enjoy the added benefit of laser scanning for part accuracy.

With the introduction of Markforged Metal X, metal printing has become a reality. Metal X is a safe, reliable, and affordable metal 3D printing solution that significantly accelerates your design innovation and delivers metal components overnight. As a result, you can focus on building products that change the world.

From industry-leading printers and the widest range of materials on the market to intuitive software and world-class customer service – our end-to-end support is designed to ensure every customer get what's right for your business.

How does it work?

Simulation enables anyone producing 3D printed parts to validate part strength and stiffness. It suggests optimized print configurations to reduce print time or material costs.

With performance, cost, and time-frame requirements in mind, anyone can quickly:

  • Press Validate :
    after identifying anchor and load surfaces, entering values for loads, Factor of Safety, and Max Deflection (stiffness) to run a simulation that determines whether your part passes or fails.
  • Press Optimize :
    to run multiple simulations that generate alternative print configurations that prioritize faster print time or less material while ensuring performance requirements are satisfied.
  • Press Print :
    to fabricate the current configuration, or after applying one of the alternative part configurations.

What are the benefits?

We promised to deliver a fast, automated way to validate part performance — and ultimately make it quick and effortless to print parts precisely optimized for the most demanding end-use applications. Our in-slicer Simulation feature means no more lengthy design-print-break testing cycles, costly and time-consuming analysis, or excess material put into overbuilt parts.

that your 3D-printed parts will have the strength required for demanding industrial applications. Powerful simulation technology that's optimized for additive manufacturing lets any user virtually test parts — taking the guesswork out of configuring print parameters to meet performance requirements.

by reducing design-print-test iteration cycles and rework delays. Unlike traditional simulation tools that need specialized expertise and time-consuming analysis, Simulation is integrated into Eiger and streamlined for additive manufacturing so users can test parts within their familiar slice and print workflow.

by automatically optimizing the amounts of material and continuous fiber reinforcement needed. Avoid overbuilt parts and wasted material by effortlessly applying settings that optimize to meet your needs for strength, cost, and print speed. Replacing the typical 5 to 25 iterations of trial and error printing with virtual testing can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per part. Ultimately, this enables expanded use of fiber-reinforced composite parts — more metal tooling and end-use parts can be replaced in a manner that is faster, for cheaper, and effortlessly.

Who is using Simulation?

Larsen Motorsports, a research and development center for high-performance vehicles, is using Simulation from Markforged to improve the designs of steering wheels in its jet engine drag racing vehicles.

"We can now test it with Simulation, iterate and keep iterating until we get a design we're happy with. We don't have to print ten different parts. We can do it all in Simulation." – Brian Tocci, Director of Operations, Larsen Motorsports

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